About Us

Lone Star Cowboy Church of Lubbock County was born on a dusty miserable Easter Morning March 23, 2008 in the Lubbock Stockyard. Our twelve core group strangers had been praying and planning for two months with some Godly coaches and church growth folks from Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and Baptist General Convention of Texas. We met for two months in the stockyards before moving to a Quanset Barn at 14308 U.S. Highway 87. Hot in the summers and freezing in the winters God grew us closer together and too large to fit in the ugly round silver barn.

One of our members, Jack Spears, lived next door to a ten-acre plot with an old portable building and nice lighted arena which was home to the old Lubbock Rangers Saddle Club. It was happily leased out to the Buffalo Riders Saddle Club who regularly held playdays and team events. The property was definitely not for sale at any price. But Jack held a ‘bull-dog-grip’ on the impossible dream that 1309 E. FM 1585 WAS GOING TO BECOME THE NEW HOME FOR THE LONE STAR COWBOY CHURCH OF LUBBOCK COUNTY.

God’s People on a mission Purpose to do God’s Plan with God’s Resources becomes an ABSOLUTE equation for GOD’S SUCCESS! All the barriers parted like the old Red Sea for Moses and that set of pioneers. Today the beautiful 13,000 sq. ft. barn sometimes shows signs of being too small… WoooHooo! God is great! What in this world does our Lord and Savior Jesus, THE LONE STAR, have in mind for the future?

Who We Are

Cowboys and Cowgirls in all kinds, sizes, ages, shapes, colors, and A WHOLE BUNCH OF WANNABES.

We want to grow up and find REAL LIFE.

We want to have a place where (regardless of how we come dressed for church) we fit; A COMFORTABLE FIT.

We want to be in the middle of a family (because some of us don’t have families).

We want Godly values that never change.

We want to meet God and grow in a REAL RELATIONSHIP (not religion) with HIM.

We are a bunch of stinkers and sinners who are born into new purpose as creations through Jesus Christ: THE ONE and ONLY LONE STAR.

The mission of Lone Star Cowboy Church is to create a Godly Spiritual Western Heritage Environment where our people can assimilate who we are into who God wants us to become.

Kelly Hastey – Music Team Leader

Lone Star Cowboy Band

Our Beliefs

The Bible is God’s Word to People. We read, study, and share it to find God and experience His purpose, plan, and paradise. The main message of the Bible is God’s provision of His Son, Jesus, for all of humanity and our brokenness through His sacrifice on the cross. By faith we receive and accept His salvation through grace. We identify with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection by being physically “buried” under water in our horse tank and raised up by six “undertaker” cowboys who lift us up to the cheers and tears of our Lone Star Family. We spend the rest of our lives growing and helping others grow in our new identity as FOLLOWERS of JESUS CHRIST.